Once you love them




Once you love them you stop eating them. Right? I was 8 years old when I realised my friends were being eaten. I instantly stopped eating meat. Ever since I am on a plantbased diet. Nowadays I am called a vegan: a person who does not consume any animal products. Three times a day I am doing good for the animals and the planet by just eating my lovely vegan dishes. And still, the desperation remains for after 44 years of veganism my friends are still being eaten. I feel the heartbreak of male baby cows being taken from their crying mother, that’s veal. I feel the confusion and struggle of animals violently forced into trucks. I feel their bones breaking during the 2000 km journey to the slaughterhouses abroad. I can’t breathe when I drive by one of those trucks in which I know animals are suffocating. I feel the gasping of fish when being pulled out of the water. I feel the terror of lobsters in a small restaurant tank, their claws being taped, unable to move and waiting to be chosen to be cooked alive. I feel the suffering of piglets being brutally castrated just for the sake of tasting better. I feel the intollerable pain of chickens who cannot stand up because of their weight and thus lie in their own shit only to produce more cheap meat. I feel the fear of horses standing in line seeing their friend’s throat being slit. Hearing them scream. Slowly bleeding out. No anesthesia. No way to escape.


Wake up



This horror is real. Every year 1.614.000.000.000  animals are being slaughtered worldwide. When you die at 82, you have eaten approximately 2000 animals. No one seems to care. In stead vegans are being mocked for their choice not to eat or use pigs, cows, chicken, fish, sheep, horses … nor the little creatures like insects and shrimps who are not even included in the above number! Vegans are excluded from restaurant choices. Because we do not participate in the overall horror, we are being called difficult people. Veganism is never talked about on TV. Our voice is as silent as the voice of the animals we want to protect.


Eating meat is not right. Letting innocent creatures die just for a nice bite is cruel. Letting other people do the dirty work behind closed doors is hypocritical. The slaughterhouse pictures I saw 44 years ago will haunt me till the day I die. Watching people eat animals, makes me sick to my stomach. Witnessing the joyful feasting on the corpses of my friends, violates my right to be happy. How can anyone say “I love animals and still eat them”? I love them, animals. All animals. And so for me every piece of meat equals a dead friend. How can I be happy in this world of death, violence and suffering?


stop it


Inflicted upon the largest number of victims and yet the most widely adopted genocide crime in history, that’s carnism (=the system in which eating meat is considered normal). Who is going to stop it? Vegan or not, you are very welcome to join and learn the most delicious plantbased dishes on facebook wat vegans (w)eten.


Inflicted upon the largest number of victims and yet the most widely adopted genocide crime in history, that’s carnism

Who is going to stop it?

Every year 1.614.000.000.000  animals are being killed worldwide only for a nice bite

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